Nucleus Wealth are delighted to have received the 2023 IMAP Managed Account Award in the Innovation category!

This is the second time we have been recognised by this award. In 2023 we received it for the introduction of Direct Indexing in Australia. This product allows our clients to personalise passive indexes according to your beliefs, situation and outlook. You can find out more about what Direct Indexing is and how you can use it in your investment portfolio here.

We want to bring trust and innovation back to finance. We believe technology has evolved to the point where retail clients can access the personalisation and quality of institutional products cost-effectively. Doing so means better outcomes for them. That’s why we’ll continue to strive to create innovative financial products, reduce our fees for investors, and leverage technology to deliver the best possible client experience we can.

Thanks to everyone involved in bringing a unique and tailored, quality investment solution to the market.

For additional details on the innovations we’ve made that were integral to us receiving this award, check out our Direct Indexing product.

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