Revolutionising Investment Strategies

Nucleus Direct Indexing brings a wealth of experience in investment management and a deep understanding of market trends.

Driven by the belief that investors deserve control and customization in their portfolios, Nucleus Direct Indexing is committed to empowering clients with ethical and flexible investment options.

Nucleus Direct Indexing has a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from individual investors seeking personalized solutions to institutions looking to align their investments with specific values.

Nucleus Direct Indexing leverages the resources of Nucleus Wealth to deliver custom portfolios. Click here to see the investment team.

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Our Core Values

At Nucleus Direct Indexing, our core values underpin every decision and action we take, guiding us in providing exceptional service and investment solutions.


We empower our clients with the freedom to customize their portfolios according to their values and preferences, ensuring a truly personalized investment experience.


We strive for innovation in investment strategies, constantly seeking new ways to optimize portfolios and adapt to evolving market trends.


Ethical considerations are at the heart of our investment philosophy, guiding us in creating portfolios that align with the values and beliefs of our clients.

Transform Your Investments Today

Start your journey towards a customized investment portfolio that aligns with your values and financial aspirations. Contact us now.

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