Check our portal for a full list of tilts and see which stocks they will add to your portfolio.

Investment Style factors

These are broader tilts, designed to add more of a particular factor to a portfolio. For example more quality stocks, or more defensive stocks.

Climate Change

A range of different sectors positively affecting climate change, from nuclear power to clean energy and batteries.


Robotics, cyber security, artificial intelligence and a number of other options for investors to get extra exposure to areas of interest.


These tilts are based on particular elements of consumption that investors may be looking for like luxury goods or video games.


Three different types of gold exposure, oil & gas, agribusiness stocks.


Weight loss drug manufacturers headline this tilt category.


Unfortunately war has re-emerged in recent years as a significant factor. This tilt group contains companies in the defense contractors sector.


Tilts in this group allow you to get extra exposure to top level sectors like industrials or consumer staples.


Check our portal for a full list of screens and see which stocks they will remove from your portfolio.

Climate Change

A range of different screens designed to target climate change related issues like fossil fuels or old growth forest logging.

Human Rights

These are screens designed to exclude stocks from countries that don’t meet moral or democratic norms. We also have social issues like gender diversity.


Our war screens come in various degrees, enabling investors to take a strict no war which excludes companies like Boeing or a “worst offenders” category targeting cluster munitions and land mines.


Options to remove exposure to fast food and genetically modified foods.


Alcohol, gambling, pornography, tobacco and cannabis. These screens allow you to remove the vices you don’t want to invest without removing the ones you accept.

Animal Rights

A range of different screens targeted at animal protection.


We have different options for religious investors to exclude investments in sectors that might not meet their beliefs.


Social screens target behaviours like companies that aggressively avoid Australian tax.


Wide-ranging screens, typically excluding entire sectors.

Asset Class

These are screens that investors can use to avoid entire asset classes.
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